Dear wonderkicks fans, we have added some budget version of UA yeezy recently.

Someone asked us what's the difference between high quality version and best quality version.

First of all, the reason we added high quality version is that, some buyers think our best version yeezys are too expensive, but they want to get yeezys very much.

So we offer a new choice, good quality but affordable price.

We have post before in "We Only Offer The Best Version Of UA Sneakers", there are three level Yeezy in the UA & replica market.

Following point you need to know about high quality version Yeezys:

1. High quality yeezys are also made of good materials and real boost.

2. For out side appearance, almost the same look with the best version, it's hard to find difference between high quality and best quality.

3. Workmanship is not as good as best version, for example, inside stitching is not that perfect.

After all, if you are not the person who focus on perfect, high quality version is better choice, you can also enjoy same shape, same appearance, real boost.

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  • Sep 07, 2017
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