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Kindly remind you need to read this guide before order.

Notice: (Update on Jan 14, 2020)

Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

We are on holiday Jan 18 - Jan 31

Orders during the holiday will not ship out until Feb 3.

Customer service reply will delay during the holiday, please don't worry

Notice: (Update on Nov 24, 2019)

Black Friday Sales:

Use code BF15 to get 15% off, apply the code in shopping cart.

Nov 25 - Dec 8

Shopping season now, shipment may delay, please don't worry.

Who We Are?

Wonderkicks is a professional UA sneakers online seller. We offer UA limited edition shoes, such as Yeezy, Air Jordan, Air Max, Nike & Off White etc.

It’s hard for you to buy these shoes in the market and they are too expensive, so we offer the high quality UA shoes with affordable price.

We can ship worldwide, if you can't choose shipping options when ordering, please contact us.

We are from China, we transport the shoes from Guangzhou, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Singapore, Bahrain etc, depends on your location.


What Does “UA” Stand For?

“UA” stands for “Unauthorized Authentic”, UA shoes are made with the same materials, and the same workmanship with the official retail pairs.

Our "UA" just a calling to discriminate our items from other cheap fake items, We not promise 100% same or exactly same with authentic, please think carefully, compare the pics on our website carefully before order.

Most top sneaker brand, such as Nike and Adidas, own the factories and make sneakers in China. So for our UA shoes, the materials and workmanship are the same, the quality is high.

UA shoes are not Authentic/Original/Real shoes, but very similar to retail brand shoes. UA shoes are not same with the cheap replica shoes, you will be satisfied with the quality.

We Do Not Support Anyone Resell Our Items As Authentic!!

We do not support anyone resell our items as authentic, we hate anyone cheat others. So we don't support anyone ask like stockx tag,  fake receipts, price tags or other things to pretend original items.

How To Pay, Is Payment Safe?

Card payment system not work now, can not pay with any card on our website.

Only Paypal work on our website.

Place an order on our website first, you will receive an order email.

Check order details carefully, there are PayPal guide.

How Long Could I Get The Shoes?

24 hours order confirmed.

Processing 2-3 business days, preparing shoes and sending to our shipping agency.

Shipping normally 5-7 working days.

Total time: Confirming time+processing time+shipping time

The shipping tracking code will come in 3-4 days by email after order confirmed. Need to wait about 2-3 days tracking info update (Transport packages and pass customs check) 

How Can I Do When There Are Duplicate Orders?

You don't need to apply return for unpaid orders, if you still want to order, place new order and finish the payment.

We will not process any unpaid orders

Do I Need To Pay The Tax?

Customs tax charge by your country customs, the price on our website not contain any tax.

If you get tax, show us the tax invoice, we can refund half of the tax money to you.

Why No Shipping Options Are Available?

There is 5kg weight limited for every order, check the weight in shopping cart. Shopping cart on top right of the page.

If over 5kg, edit the item amount in shopping cart.

Return And Refund Policy

Contact us within 3 days after you sign the package.

Keep the items in new condition same as you received the package.

Our customer service will send the return address to you, please make sure send to this address and receiver info.

Please use normal post (not express), please write the value of the package under 50USD, that can easier pass China customs. 

We will send new item to you or refund after we receive your return package and check the condition.

Note: you need to pay for the ship back cost.

Customer Service 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

via email: info@wonderkicks.ru 

via whatsapp: +8613250949140

via Instagram: wonderkicks_ru

Customer service available time:

CST (UTC +8) 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM  (China Time)

PDT(UTC -7) 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM (Pacific Time)

CEST(UTC +2) 4:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Central European Time)


If you send message in rest time, we will reply your massage within 12 hours.

Notice (Feb 23, 2018)

We are back to work from holiday. We will process the orders as soon as we can.

The shipment tracking code will be sent after about 3-5 days. Please no worry. 

Thank you for your patience.

Notice (Dec 1, 2017)

Due to holiday promotion, too many packages in HongKong recently.

Sometimes shipment may delay, please no worry.

Notice (Nov 24, 2017)

Dear, our old website address wonderkicks.com is not work now, we have changed to www.wonderkicks.ru

You can also add our whatsapp: +8613250949140, our instagram: @wonderkickscom

Notice (Sep 25, 2017):

Due to Chinese National Day is coming, our shipping agency will not work on Sep 28 - Oct 4.

Orders during Sep 27 - Oct 4 will be shipped until Oct 5.

Hope you can understand the shipping delay.

New updates here (Sep 6, 2017):

Due to more and more buyers from all of the world purchase from us. Different location, the shipping cost is different.

Uniform shipping price is not fair for every buyer.

And also the shipping cost match the item weight.

So we stop free shipping and reduce the item price, then different buyer from different place pay different shipping cost.

Notice (Jan 27, 2018)

Our credit card payment can't use right now, we will fix the problem as soon as we can.

If you want to use paypal send money, contact customer service.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Notice  (Mar 25, 2018) :

We will send order confirmation email to every order, please reply the confirm email as soon as you can.

We will process the order after we receive your reply for order confirmation email.

If you can't find our email in your email box, please check the spam mail box, or check if you use correct email address.

Notice: (Updated on Jul 12, 2018)

USA DHL have customs problem recently, all package will be sent with SF express, 5-8 days shipping.

Notice: (Updated on Jul 4, 2018)

Important!! Please make sure you write the correct contact info (email address and phone number) when placing the order, in case we or shipping carriers need to contact you.

Holiday Notice: (Update on Sep 27, 2018)

China National Day Holiday from Oct 1 - Oct 7.

We don't accept urgent orders during this holiday time.

Customer service reply may delay during this time, please don't worry.

Packages will not be shipped out from Sep 30 - Oct 4

Holiday Notice: (Update on Sep 18, 2018)

Due to Mid-Autumn Festival, package will not ship out during Sep 23 - Sep 25. Please don't worry.

Notice: (Update on Aug 22, 2018)

Due to Hongkong customs check more strict recently.

We have to forward the package to BAHRAIN (For EU buyers) and Singapore (For US buyers)

The tracking info need 2-3 more days update, please don't worry.

Notice:  (Updated on Jul 15, 2018)

If you have problem with VISA card payment, we can accept paypal, contact customer service.

Notice: (Update on Oct 16, 2018)

Due to Government conference reason, no urgent orders accepted, shipment may delay during Oct 21 to Oct 31

Please confirm you know this condition before order.

Notice: (Update on Nov 16, 2018)

Card payment system not work currently. We are waiting our payment system company fixing the problem. If you would like to pay with paypal, contact our customer service.

Email: info@wonderkicks.ru

Instagram: wonderkicks_ru

WhatsApp: +8613250949140

Notice: (Update on Dec 7, 2018)

Christmas is coming, shipment may delay 2-4 days than normal recently, hope you can understand.

Black Friday promotion: 

Use code BF15 to get 15% off, apply the code in shopping cart.

Random gift for every order, there is 500 pairs of socks for 500 orders.

Nov 16 - Nov 30

Notice: (Update on Dec 15, 2018)

2018 Christmas sales:

Dec 15 - Dec 25

Use code "XMS15" to get 15% off, apply the code in shopping cart.

Randomly gift for every order (500 pairs of socks for 500 orders limited)

Due to Christmas, shipment may delay 2-4 days, please don't worry.

Notice: (Update on Jan 25, 2019)

2019 Chinese Spring Festival holiday:

We are on holiday during Jan 28 - Feb 10

Orders during holiday will not be sent out until Feb 12

Use code "CSF15" to get 15% off

Customer service reply may delay, please do not worry

Notice: (Update on Mar 15, 2019)

Due to government check recently, orders processing time may delay about 2 days, please do not worry.

Thank you very much and enjoy!

Notice: (Update on Oct 14, 2019)

Our old instagram acc has been deleted, please follow our new instagram acc @wonderkicks_ru

Notice: (Update on Sep 26, 2019)

China National Day Holiday Oct 1 - Oct 7.

Don't accept urgent order during the holiday.

Customer service reply may delay, please don't worry

Packages will not ship out during Sep 30 - Oct 4

Shipping time may effected during the holiday

Updated on Jan 14, 2020.

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