Before you are invited to our card payment customer group, you should read following terms carefully and accept the rules.

1. You Clearly Know What Kind of Item You Ordered

You should clearly know the item you ordered are not original or authentic. Contact customer service before pay, if you have any questions about the shoes. 

2. Do Not Try Fraud Payment

Our card payment system have fraud payment detector, please do not try to use any stealing cards, in this case, we will remove you from the group and move to our blacklist.

3. Be Charged More Than Order Total

Normally there will be an international transaction fee charged by your bank or credit card company. Due to the country, card type different, we not sure how much the fee is, maybe 5% transaction fee. You Should Know this fee not charged by us.

4. Can't Find Wonderkicks Name in Your Card Bill

For our safety, the payment system hide our website name and rename in the card bank bill. You should know the payment on your card bill for the order on our website, but the name different.

5. COVID-19 Shipping Delays

You should know, due to COVID-19 situation, shipping time not stable, maybe take 2-3 weeks arrival to you. Be patience if you want to order.

6. Any Problem, Contact Customer Service First

Any problem, like shipment delays, package broken, package lost, not satisfied etc, contact customer service first, we will solve the problem for you. Do not chargeback the money without contact customer service first,  or you will be remove from the group and move to black list. We will also complain to your bank.

7. Payment Failed

If your payment failed first time, call your bank to open international transaction and try again. Please do not repeat to try many times in short time, in this case, your card will be restricted. Try again after 24 hours, if still payment fail, please contact customer service.

Read above terms carefully, make sure understand all the rules before pay. Then tell customer service that you accept the terms, after we review your account, will invite you to our card payment customer group.